Your ideal Kia MOT destination

Get your first MOT for £35 when you book your service with us – that’s a win!

Finally – you have a dedicated Kia dealership, serving London and surrounding areas.

The most important thing about an MOT is the certificate at the end. But we know that getting there matters too.

Our GWR Kia trained technicians are ready to go the extra mile as standard. That means further checks, greater peace of mind and more value for money. And all for £45*.

It’s worth remembering that if you book with a service, you can get your MOT for just £35.

It’s always nice to know what you’re getting and with Kia you always do; Clear prices, a great value service and a thorough check of your car, by GWR Kia technicians using only Kia parts.

Even better, a full Kia MOT means a full Kia MOT, including:

  • Kia trained technicians using only Kia parts
  • Complimentary safety checks
  • Body and vehicle structure inspection
  • Fuel system checks (for leaks, security and pipe condition)
  • Seats for security
  • Horn operation check
  • Steering and suspension checks
  • Lots more checks, double checks and triple checks

*If you book a Service and MOT at the same time, the MOT will only cost you £35 if carried out at same time as service. (MOT is arranged with Authorised Dealer and paid for separately)

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