New Kia Futuron concept – a glimpse into the future of EV Kia SUV’s

New Kia Futuron concept – a glimpse into the future of EV Kia SUV’s

Inspired by UFO’s, a preview into the future of Kia’s EV SUVs, said to offer ‘lightning fast’ acceleration.

This new concept, comparable in length to the Audi E-tron and Jaguar i-Pace and in height to the Skoda Kamiq and Hyundai Nexo, the Futuron’s design is notable ‘for its pure, smooth form, devoid of ornament.’

Perhaps the most notable feature is what seems to be the latest incarnation of Kia’s trademark ‘Tiger nose’ grille, a feature that’s been adopted across the line up for the last 10 years. This feature has been enhanced to create a ‘Tiger face’, showcasing the new ‘Star Cloud’ lighting design which uses moveable scales to alternative between daytime running lights and full-beam headlights.

Full info on the powertrain hasn’t been released, but we do know that the car is fitted with a high power, high capacity battery pack, mounted under the floor, to maxims interior space. The batteries feed four independent electric motors, one at each wheel and are said to deliver “lightning-fast responses to driver inputs”

The interior is just as futuristic as you’d expect, featuring a very minimalist layout and advanced autonomy functions to enhance the driving experience.

Inside, the front seats fully recline, allowing the driver to relax whilst the Futuron is in its fully autonomous mode, a feature that Kia says will help to reduce fatigue on longer journeys.

The diamond-shaped panoramic glasshouse is said to be inspired by UFO and flying saucer designs, allowing for a 360-degree field of view whilst maximising natural light. It also features a network of LiDAR sensors that enable Level 4 self-driving functions.

While the Futuron is far from being a production-ready EV SUV, it does provide food for thought as to how Kia plan to tackle the future of electric motoring in a rapidly evolving industry. No doubt some of its ground-breaking features will be available on production-ready models in the near future.