Kia Sportage Crossover Coupe Design Exercise

Kia Sportage Crossover Coupe due 2020

The recent swing towards crossovers and SUV’s in the motor industry means manufactures are now applying car-like design traits to larger vehicles. The latest trend is crossover coupes – four-door, high riding with a sloping rear roofline which gives that ‘sporty’ look. Some may say it’s a misuse of the work coupe, however, it is a way for carmakers to differentiate their products without an all-new model. It is believed to be unlikely that Kia will travel down this road for its upcoming Sportage in 2020; however, sneak peaks of the vehicle may suggest the possibility.

Little has changed to the front of the car looking like our standard non-coupe Sportage. However, at the middle of the vehicle things take a dramatic turn. The roof begins to slope, rear passenger windows are narrower featuring a small kick up that adds to Sportage’s sportier appearance. Arguably the most significant change is the boot. With an extremely lowered angle boot compared to the original it completes the coupe look without removing the rear passenger doors. It will be interesting to see how the new sleek looking model will compete against the current Sportage which is known for its style, spacious and practical features.

Some have compared the styling of the Kia Sportage Coupe to the Mercedes GLC Coupe. Allowing the Kia to be affordable but with the premium look. Kia Sportage sales have climbed steadily since 2013 with a slight dip in 2017. These sales figures did recover the following year. Sales for 2019 are already strong and while a coupe version of the Kia Sportage is likely but not confirmed, it could help accelerate sales. Would it have been a costly venture for something which may not happen?