Kia Sorento Spy Shots at the Nürburgring

The Nürburgring is where most European brands and even some Asian brands test their future products. Kia has been a regular visitor to the venue now that it has such a strong presence in Europe. The all-new Sorento has been viewed going around the track undergoing testing prior to sale of the latest model – which is believed to be across Europe as demand for SUV’s is ever growing.

It is the same prototype which spies have previously caught on camera and there is now footage of the new Sorento going around Nürburgring. The SUV was seen being pushed quite hard and even had a roll cage behind the front seats. Underneath the camouflage appears to be a final production body with final headlights, but still only has basic taillights which we would expect them to replace with more stylish and sophisticated to be more in-line with the production-ready car.

In August 2014 we were introduced to the third-generation Sorento which then received a facelift in 2018, which on this basis we expect the fourth-generation model to arrive some point in 2020 or 2021. From what can be seen it would appear the new design is sleeker compared with the current model – some interesting designs can be seen evolving around the C-pillar and surrounding area. Finer details are hard to see with such limited exposure of the upcoming Sorento.

It’s too early to tell how the three-row SUV’s design will evolve, but from what we’re able to see so far, it looks like it won’t be as boxy and rugged as the bigger Telluride. Inside there could be quite a few changes. We would expect modern systems and an overall update to the cabin as the current Sorento is beginning to show its age compared to the latest cars on the market. We can expect a fully digital instrument cluster, bigger infotainment system, and new control panel layout should freshen up the SUV’s cabin.

No information has been released regarding the powertrains as of yet, however, it would not be wrongly assumed that Kia may be looking to electric-power for the next-gen Sorento as the EV market is growing. The growing popularity of electric vehicles could be a persuading factor for the selected drivetrain of the new Sorento but we would not rule out Diesel or Petrol versions too.

There have been talks of the wraps coming off sometime next year, but for now all we have is a few spy shots and minimal exposure of the latest Sorento. Further reports pending.

All images belong to Motor1.