2018 Kia Sportage – 5 critics, 5 reviews.

The New Kia Sportage offers a new sculpted, sleek design, more comfort and advanced features. Not to mention our pioneering 7 year warranty. But don’t take out word for it- come and experience the New Sportage for yourself and take a test drive today. In the meantime – read below for a collective of key quotes from some of the car industry’s top critics.

What Car?

‘The Sportage has a big boot, with a floor that’s flush with the boot opening and the rear seats (when they’re folded down). Even with the rear seats in place, the Sportage’s boot is actually longer than the Ateca’s, although not as tall, and the boot opening is conveniently large and square-shaped. However, the wheel arches do cut into the space a little.’


‘I Like the outgoing model, the new Sportage is practical and good value. Unlike the last one, it hits a sufficiently high mark on grip and agility, material quality and equipment specification to feel almost as sophisticated as any European volume-brand rival.’


‘The Kia Sportage has competed towards the top of the family SUV class ever since this fourth-generation model came out in 2015 – and the latest round of updates have only strengthened its position. The lower powered petrol and diesel engines will continue to make more sense to most buyers, but those after a smooth, quiet and refined powertrain shouldn’t discount this new hybrid model. It’s cheaper than the equivalent Hyundai, and has a more competitive warranty, too.’


‘I like the Sportage a lot, as a useful tool for the family, and you might well appreciate this car’s talents as much as you appreciate your fridge. It’s a three star vehicle doing a five star job.’


‘All Sportages comes with buckets of standard kit, but as with most Kias, it’s the middle ground one that makes most sense. GT-Line cars are laden, but Grade 4 is the one we’d have. You get the 8-inch screen, leather, electric seats, upgraded sound system and a couple of handy safety features like blind-spot warning and forward-collision-avoidance Assist. It’s all you’ll need.’