Life on the road can be tough,
Lifeshine is tougher.

It is in your best interest to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, this will ensure you will receive the maximum re-sale value. Autoglym Lifeshine will help protect your investment and help maintain that new car look, increasing the pleasure of ownership.

Autoglym will help protect your vehicle from hazards that can diminish your car’s beautiful finish such as road salt, traffic film, strong detergents and the weather to name a few. We also protect the interior of your car as daily life can take its toll, especially with young children & pets.

This innovative product is applied by trained technicians who ensure your car will be finished to the highest of standards. From bumper to bumper, inside and out, the finest Autoglym treatments are used to prepare your new car for delivery to you in pristine and protected condition.

What does Lifeshine provide protection for?

Paint Protection

All exterior paintwork is treated with a unique protective coating. This protective coating will enhance the paintwork’s shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even in the most severe weather conditions. The glossy water-repellent coating is easier to keep clean and maintains a superb deep glossy shine.

Upholstery Protection

Protecting your car isn’t just about maintaining a beautiful exterior. LifeShine’s interior treatment coats each and every strand of your car’s upholstery multiple times to create a shell barrier around fabric and leather. Spills and moisture are kept locked out of your car’s seating and are easily wiped away if any accidents do occur.

Glass Protection

All external side and rear windows are treated with a highly durable, optically clear, and easy to clean coating. As you drive the raindrops roll off to give greatly improved wet weather visibility and safety.


LifeShine is offered with a complimentary aftercare collection and is backed-up by a lifetime guarantee.

  • Contains premium car care products from the award-winning Autoglym range
  • Helps to maintain the vehicle in top condition and maximise the effects of the LifeShine treatment
  • Features a stylish bag that can be re-used for other purposes
  • Selection of Autoglym products worth over £100 [Exact contents may vary]

Lifeshine Peace of Mind

Lifeshine is back up by a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the vehicle. What is covered?

  • General or panel-by-panel colour fading of the exterior paintwork
  • Noticeable deterioration in the gloss finish of the paintwork
  • Any permanent stains to treated fabric or leather seating as a result of spills from water, coffee, soft drinks, milk or any similar non-corrosive liquids, where the spillage has been removed immediately
  • The guarantee applies only to original manufacturer’s upholstery and carpets and to the areas to which the LifeShine interior treatment is applied, i.e. seating, carpets and boot