GWR Kia GAP Insurance

Funny thing, car insurance. Even with a clean driving record your premiums never seem to go down. And yet, what some insurance companies are prepared to pay out certainly does.
If your Kia is written off or stolen, you may not get the purchase price for it: you’ll get its current value in the open market.
All of which seems a bit unfair. But with GWR Kia’s GAP Insurance, you’ll get back exactly what you paid.

Here’s what usually happens

You buy a new car for, say, £14,000. A year later, it gets written off by the insurance company following an accident or theft. In this event, you’d be sent a cheque for the current market value: call it £10,000. Which means either finding another £4,000 to buy a similar replacement, or settling for something not quite as good. And what’s worse, with every passing year, that shortfall’s just going to get bigger.

Here’s what happens when you have GWR Kia’s GAP Insurance…

You buy the same car for £14,000, and the same misfortune strikes. But as well as the cheque for £10,000 from the insurance company, you get one from us for £4,000, too. Which means you can replace the car like for like. With cover for up to three years, it doesn’t matter how much your insurance company pays out: we’ll make sure you get what you originally paid (vehicle purchase price excludes dealer fitted accessories).

It’s incredibly simple. We think you’ll find the decision is, too.

  • We pay you the difference between the original purchase price and the amount your insurance company will give you if the car is written off as a result of an accident or theft
  • GWR Kia’s GAP is available on new and used vehicles (up to 8 years old)
  • You can be covered for up to 3 years
  • We’ll pay the insurance shortfall up to £5,000 for vehicles which have a maximum purchase price of £12,000. If your vehicle is over £12,000 we’ll pay the insurance shortfall up to £15,000
  • We can arrange cover in the showroom – instantly
  • Once the claim’s been processed, we will send you a cheque for the difference
  • It’s flexible and convenient – You can pay for it in one go or over 10 months by direct debit

Smart Insurance

Smart Insurance is the UK’s leading minor damage insurance solution. This top quality product keeps vehicles in pristine condition by providing cover against repairing minor damage to cars.
This insurance cover provides protection against repairing annoying small dents, chips, scratches and scuffs; damage which occurs in everyday use.

It’s Benefits

  • Protects car from annoying and unsightly minor cosmetic damage caused by everyday motoring
  • Safeguards no claims bonus
  • Simple and intuitive claims process
  • Helps maintain trade in value

Policy Details:

Standard Cover- Excellence as Standard

  • £3000 aggregate claim limit across term
  • Individual claim limit of £500
  • Help maintain trade-in value
  • Deal quickly and fairly with a claim
  • Repair the vehicle to the highest quality

Repair Detail

  • Scuffs- Up to 30cm diameter, 3mm depth
  • Dents- Up to 30cm diameter, 3mm depth
  • Chips- Up to 3mm diameter, 1.5mm depth
  • Scratch- Up to 30cm diameter, 3mm depth

Click here to download the Smart Insurance Policy.