Driving Today’s Fleet Market

Confused by P11Ds and BIKs? Is CO2 more important than mpg? Who’s buying what in the SME fleet market? What about taxation, fuel efficiency, safety, maintenance? Our top tips below and our handy GWR Kia Fleet Guide below that should help – or click here for our GWR Kia Fleet Guide.

Top tips to consider

A Taxing Decision

Taxation is a key factor when buying a company car – our guide (above) includes all you need to know to map the road ahead.

Fuel Economy

Struggling to get a handle on the cost of fuelling your fleet? Our guide will help inform you so you can maximise the value of every last drop.

Keeping It Safe

Ensuring that your employees are safe when out on the job is more than common sense, it’s a legal requirement, our guide helps you with the steps you can take.


Fleet Funding – Buy Or Lease

If you are still in growth phase, leasing might offer an easier way to establish your business fleet.

Manageable Maintenance

Looking beyond the initial costs of investing in a fleet, how much will it cost to keep your cars road ready? Our guide will help answer your questions.

Education! Education! Education!

Cars sorted? Now it’s time to tackle the greatest variable in your fleet force, your team of drivers.

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