West Coast Customs to Modify the All-New Stinger GT

It has been revealed that West Coast Customs will be pimping the All-New Kia Stinger out for the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas!

A teaser shot released confirms the sort of customisation you can expect, so get ready to see a slammed, wide body Stinger!

The new Kia Stinger is a car made by Kia with the input of a man who used to work for BMW, aimed squarely at BMW. It’s good. It has good ambition, too – to act as a halo model, a car to draw your attention to the Kia marque.

West Coast Customs has taken this brief and strapped it to the back of a moon rocket, judging by this teaser sketch of an upcoming show car. Yes folks, it’s time for SEMA.

SEMA – that’s the aftermarket world’s version of a Geneva or a Frankfurt motor show (ie, a really big draw) – will play host to this bright blue, modified Stinger, made by those famous artisans so beloved of MTV viewers from the early noughties.

WCC promises “eye catching high performance enhancements”, the likes of which include lowered front and rear suspension, a gloss black front grill, a carbon fibre aero kit, 21in forged alloys and widened arches.

There’s mention of a new rear diffuser and those squared off, quad exhaust pipes you can see in the teaser sketch above. Depressingly, there is no mention of a retractable basketball court laid into the roof, or a tank for your precious freshwater Stingray in the boot (imagine the wordplay!), or indeed, everything else we couldn’t remember from Pimp My Ride. Oh how we miss Pimp My Ride.

“You’ll find a number of exceptional finishes to this Stinger’s cockpit, as well,” WCC promises. It’ll be unveiled in full next week, alongside two other “custom Kia creations” at the Las Vegas show.